Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Episode 2 : A Staircase Leading Forwards and Back

16 years ago today, I launched my first experiment with this new hypertext tool called the World Wide Web and let a few friends know about it. A collaborative story, branching out to infinity, I branded it Addventure, after a high school project that inspired it.

It was such a success, that within a year, two more versions of the story had launched. And yet, within just a few years, it closed to new collaborators and has mostly faded into history.

This blog is an attempt by me to record some of the thoughts I still have about Addventure, what role it served in my life and in the life of the Web, what lessons I learned from it, what lessons it can learn from where the Web has evolved... and what path I can take with it next. Like Addventure itself, there were many paths and many choices I could have made over the years. Now seems like the right time to look back at some of those paths, and to set the foundation for the Addventure of the future.

I will also be moving some old release logs and notes to the blog, dating them with their original dates, and tagging them with the label "history".

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